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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find some help guides?

Prior to making your grant application, please ensure you read the ‘How to Apply’ and ‘Supporting Documentation’ guides found here. Following these instructions and providing the supporting documents listed will help guarantee your application is compliant. 

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Any organisation that furthers or improves local and national educational services, amateur sport, or racing clubs, promotes the advancement of culture, contributes towards welfare assistance or the relief of poverty, can make an application.

What if our club is not an incorporated society?

If your club is not an incorporated society the club must have current affiliation to an incorporated regional or national body. The participating amateur sports club must be taking part in a “bona fide” event sanctioned by a legitimate regional and national body organised as a controlling body of the sport. 

Are social groups able to apply?

Social activities are not recognised as Authorised Purposes because they give a personal rather than community benefit. For example, a group of friends or acquaintances going on an annual ski trip cannot claim the trip is an Authorised Purpose just because there is an element of sport in and otherwise social activity. In contrast a genuine ski club that members of the public can join and that offers coaching and development programmes would be more likely to be an Authorised Purpose.

What is a bona fide sporting activity?

Sometimes an activity is presented as a sporting activity, but its real nature is entertainment, social, personal gain or commercial. DIA considers a bona fide sport to be one where the activity, club or organisation; 

  • Is affiliated or aligned to a national body. 

  • Is genuine and real (e.g. has standards and rule). 

  • Is played regularly as part of significant competition. 

  • Has a President and Secretary. 

  • Has regular ‘minuted’ meetings. ​

  • Audited financial accounts.

Can educational establishments apply?

Yes. Applications received from schools and other educational establishments must have a letter from the Principal endorsing the grant application.

What is an Authorised Purpose?

It is not possible to list all the Authorised Purposes Trillian Trust provide funding for, however all applications must meet the criteria of our Authorised Purpose Statement. View the criteria here. On this page you will also find the list of expenses not permitted.

Do Trillian Trust operate venues within our area?

Trillian Trust endeavour to return as much funds as possible into the area in which those funds were raised, however, funding is also provided to organisations that operate nationally. To find out if Trillian Trust operates in your area, go to Venues.

If Trillian Trust does not operate venues in your area, the DIA website reflects what Society operates in your area.  Alternatively the DIA website also reflects a list of Societies that operate gaming machines.

Are there conditions attached to grants?

Yes. Your obligations are stated in the Terms and Conditions within the application. Please make sure you read and understand these.

Can venue operators benefit from a grant?

Venue operators cannot apply for funding, make any decisions or recommendations about grant applications. 

How do I apply?

Your organisation can apply for funding using our online application portal.

Prior to making your application please make sure you read the ‘Supporting Documentation’ guide.  Providing these documents with your application will help ensure it is compliant.

What is the cut-off date?

Cut-off is the date grant applications must be submitted by, to be considered at our next Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) meeting. Applications must be submitted by midnight on the 10th of each month.

What is the grants process?

  1. The applicant organisation submits an application using the online application portal. 

  2. The grants team then assess the application to ensure it is compliant. 

  3. All compliant applications are then presented at the Net Proceed Committee (NPC) meeting. 

  4. The applicant organisation is notified of the result, either approved or declined.

  5. For approved grant applications, the direct credit is made on the last day of the month. 

  6. Once the funds have been spent the applicant organisation must submit an Accountability Report, proving that the funds were used for the purpose they were approved for. 

  7. If there are unspent funds, we will send a request for refund with bank details.

When will I know the outcome of my application?

You will be notified via email the outcome of your application after the Net Proceed Committee (NPC) meeting. Notification emails are sent to the contact person email address supplied on your application form. 

You are able to log in to the Applicant Dashboard at any time to check the status of your application. We are not able to give information on the status of grant applications over the phone as this breaches our policy. 

We also publish the results of all applications under the Grant Recipient Listings, this includes detailed information on why the grant application was partially or fully declined.

How will the grant be paid?

Payment will be directly credited to the recipient/applicant organisation’s bank account provided within your application.

How often do the NPC meet?

The Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) meets twelve times annually. 

How is the grant application considered?

The Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) considers all compliant grant applications in their monthly meetings. Decisions are made by taking into account the available funds in the area, the merit of the application, the compliance of the application, and the overall community benefit. Applications submitted in any given month will be considered at the NPC meeting of the following month. Please be aware that non-compliant applications will not be considered.

Do grants include GST?

Trillian Trust does not provide any funding for the GST portion of goods/services applied for.

Can we be reimbursed for expenses already paid for?

No. Retrospective grant applications will not be considered. An application for funding is considered ‘retrospective’ if the event/project/activity date is prior to the NPC’s consideration meeting. An application for funding also is considered ‘retrospective’ if goods and services are purchased prior to the funds being deposited into your nominated bank account as per the date stated on your approval letter.  

Grants must be approved prior to any purchase/event/trip being undertaken.

What if we receive funding from Trillian Trust and we are also successful with another gaming trust or other source?

You must inform Trillian Trust immediately upon receiving notification of a successful application requesting funding from another source for the same purpose. You must repay any portion of the funding that exceeds the total amount required for the stated purpose.

What are our responsibilities if we are successful?

We will require you to submit an Accountability Report (using the online Applicant Dashboard) by the given date, with proof of expenditure. This includes uploading copies of the invoices and bank statements as proof of payment, etc. You must use the same supplier as provided in the grant application. Should you need to change supplier for any reason, always contact the Grants Team prior to purchase providing a letter of explanation, including the new quote from the new supplier. Failure to comply with the conditions could result in Trillian Trust seeking a full refund of the funds granted.

How many times can I apply?

There is no maximum amount of times you can apply. However, outstanding accountabilities may affect future funding.

Will our organisation be audited?

Trillian Trust Limited grant records can be inspected and audited by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). Trillian Trust is required to render details of all donations to the DIA. Any grant application is made with the understanding that if any DIA officer so requests, the applicant organisation shall agree to and participate in any such inspection/audit.

Can I have an extension for submitting my Accountability Report?

Please email the Grants Manager explaining the reason for your request and an approximate date you will be able to provide the Accountability Report by.

How can I get a copy of Trillian Trust's logo and media materials?

Please email Reception with details of the purpose for which you are requesting to use the logo so we can provide this to you.

We have some great photos, how do we send them to Trillian Trust?

We love to receive photos seeing how your community has benefited from grants provided by Trillian Trust. Please email these to Reception so we can share these on our website.

Will my information be shared with other parties?

Your information will only be shared internally and is protected in line with the Privacy Policy contained within the application - please read it carefully. If your application is successful, then Trillian Trust would have the right to promote the grant in their media communications including social media pages and website.

I am struggling to apply online, can you help?

Please contact Reception if you are not able to make an online application. 

Has Trillian Trust's name changed?

You might have noticed a slight change in our familiar Trillian Trust name. Don’t worry though, nothing has shifted in the way we manage our grant funding, or anything else for that matter!  We proudly continue to focus on our community centered beliefs and ensure the funds generated at our venues go back into charitable, non-commercial and publicly beneficial purposes.