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What is Accountabilty?

If you are successful in receiving a grant from us you will be required to submit verification of the correct expenditure of the grant funds online. Your approval letter will detail the specific details of the approval, including the amounts that have been approved for each item.

What to do next

Go to the Login Page to start preparing your accountability

What if something changes?

We recognise that there are going to be situations where you may have to change an aspect of the grant approval. For example the supplier may not be able to deliver items in time or the date of an event may have to change. As some changes can alter the conditions of the approval, you will need to contact us as soon as possible to get approval for the changes before spending the funds. 

Please direct these requests to grants@trillian.co.nz

Documents you need to supply

Copies of the invoices/receipts from the suppliers. These invoices need to detail the specific goods and/or services you purchased and whether the cost includes GST.

A copy of your bank statement from your organisation's bank account that shows payment to the supplier(s). This includes any batch/bulk/payment reports if applicable. 

It is important to remember that all grants are approved for the GST exclusive cost of the goods and services, even if your organisation is not GST registered.

Once you have provided all the required audit documents, the details are checked against the application and the approval conditions including: 

  1. the specific goods and/or services purchased;
  2. the amount spent;
  3. the supplier of those goods and/or services;
  4. evidence that you have not paid for the goods and/or services before your grant application has been approved. Grant funds cannot be used to reimburse money you have already spent.

Failure to provide audit documents or any outstanding refund requests will prevent your organisation from being considered for any future applications.