Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cut-off?

Cut-off is the date in which applications must be received by to be considered at Trillian's next Net Proceeds Committee (NPC) meeting. Applications must be received by midnight on the 10th of each month.

How often do the NPC meet?

The NPC usually meet 12 times annually.

When will I know the Outcome of my application? How do I find out the outcome?

After the NPC meeting all Approved and Declined applicants will be notified via email of the outcome. Notification emails are sent to the email address supplied under the contact person section of our application form.

You will be notified via email after the NPC meeting, or click here for our grant listings

What does it mean if my application is Pending?

Your application has been neither Approved or Declined and it will be held and considered at the next NPC meeting.

How many times can I apply?

The NPC meet on a monthly basis and there is no maximum amount of times you can apply. However outstanding accountabilities may affect future funding.

Who can sign the Application form?

The application must be signed by either the Secretary or Chairperson of the Board and one other authorised person

Please note: Applications must have original signatures as we do not accept scanned or photocopied signatories

Can I use any supplier once I have been Approved?

You must use a supplier whose quotes were submitted within your application unless the approval letter states a certain supplier must be used. If due to unforeseen circumstances this is not possible please contact the Grants Team to seek permission to use an alternate supplier

Please note:  If you use an unauthorised supplier without permission it may result in a full refund being required.

When is my Accountability due?

The Accountability should submitted by the due date advised in your Grant Approval email.

Can I have an extension for submitting my Accountability?

You must email the Grants Manager stating the reason for your extension and an approximate date you will be able to provide the Accountabilities and she will either approve or decline your request.

How can I get a copy of Trillian Trust's Logo?

You must email Reception stating the purpose in which you are requesting to use the logo and she will either approve or decline your request.

We have some great photos how do we send them to Trillian Trust?

Please Email Reception and we will put them up on our website.

Where can I find a Grant application form?

Contact our office email


Any other Grant queries please contact the office and ask to speak to the Grants Team










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