• Expenses Not Permitted

    • Below are some of the expenses that are NOT permitted:

    • Overseas travel/overseas accommodation costs

    • Purchase of buildings and/or land

    • Building alterations/renovations

    • On going operational costs such as rent, phone/mobile, power/gas, insurance, rates

      Website upgrade or maintenance costs

    • Purchase of vehicles

    • Vehicle mileage or petrol vouchers

    • Prizes (other than medals/trophies)

    • Gifts/koha

    • Dress uniforms, training uniforms or tracksuits

    • Personal items such as shoes, socks, mouth guards 

    • Food or beverages

    • Social club expenses

    • Any retrospective expense/s

    • Individuals


    • Applications for wages and capital works projects are considered on a case by case basis,  and are not considered as a high priority for Trillian Trust.

      The Net Proceeds Committee will give priority to applications concentrated on other purposes such as equipment, playing uniforms or other non-operational costs.


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