Grants Policy

Trillian Trust operates gaming machines in a number of licensed venues around the country. The Net Proceeds from the operation of the gaming machines are distributed to non-profit organisations through grants.

Organisations who wish to receive funding may submit an application to the Trust. All applications received are considered by our Net Proceeds Committee (Grants Committee) and are either approved or declined.

The major focus of the committee is to provide funding to youth based community organisations and rescue services. They endeavour to return as much funds as possible into the area in which those funds were raised, however funding is also provided to organisations that operate nationally. To find out if we operate in your area see the Venues tab above.

At least annually we review our criteria, methods, systems and policies used in the consideration of applications for the distribution of Net Proceeds (grants). Click here to read the latest review.

Currently our Net Proceeds Committee is made up of the following people:

  • John Harpin - Chairman
    Stanley Malcolm - Secretary
    Kevin McDonald - Trustee
    Brett Kilburn - Trustee
    Dean Agnew - Trustee and Chief Executive Officer



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